Chand Bawri or Baori (Rajasthan)

Unexplored Ancient stepwell in rajasthan

Chand Bawdi is a true example of magnificent Civil engineering and it was built in the 800 and 900 AD. It is one of the unexplored tourist attractions in India.

Chand Bawri is a stunning piece of historical marvel techniques. It is one of the most unique tourist attractions in India.

Because of its beautiful architecture that is made of porous volcanic stones which are 5 to 6 degrees cooler than the atmosphere, making him less susceptible to the heat of this region.

Know more about these unexplored tourist attractions in India

Basically it is a stepwell and its architectural design is Hindu-Rajput, it completed its construction in 1800 AD.

The name Chand Bawri was imposed because after the local ruler Raja Chanda. It is one of the few ancient steps left intact in India.

Many foreigners come here to study the material and technology used in making of the step-well.

Chand Bawri plays an important role in the current architectural activity in western India and it helped a lot in modern architecture to built more stable architecture in the current time.

If you see the design of Baori you can see descending the stairs on the left,

the cavernous Baori narrowing towards the bottom, crisscrossed with double flights of steps on three sides to reach the water surface down below.

The stairs encircle the water on the three sides while the fourth side boasts of a Pavillion with three stories with beautifully carved jharokhas,

Galleries supported on pillars and two projecting balconies enshrining beautiful sculptures.

It is one of the largest step well has ever built in the world.
Unexpored tourits place in rajasthan

It was built to conserve water and provide relief from the intense heat of Rajasthan because Rajasthan is the hottest place in India.

Chand Bawri also used as Rainwater harvesting because rain is very frequent in Rajasthan and less than 2cm rain happens in Rajasthan.

These facts made it is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in India.

But most of us didn’t know about this historical place and it’s our job to make it famous because these types of places deserve it.

Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan)

Tourist attractions in Bhangarh Fort at day time
Inside bhangarh fort  the undiscovered place

Bhangarh we all know this place as one of the most haunted places to visit and undiscovered tourist attractions in India.

But rather than all these things, Bhangarh fort will Be known as the Historical place which remains unexplored.

It was built in the 17th century and was built by Bhagwant Das for his young son Madho Singh I.

You can see people enjoying a picnic at this spot till 5 PM but after that,

The place is shut for the living souls except for old priests who roam here with lanterns in his hand.

The fort was built in the 17th century by Sawai Madho Singh but now it is believed to be cursed by a holy man due to this people don’t stay here.

The Bhangarh Fort is situated in the Ajabgarh and it has been the location of many Bollywood films like Karan-Arjun, Kala Patthar, Hum Saath Saath Hain, etc

A lesser-known fact we know about the Bhangarh Fort that it itself is a prehistoric site with several temples in Rajasthan that are the crowns of Rajasthan royalty.

The Bhangarh Fort is under the protection of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

Ariel view of Bhangarh Fort
Things to do in unexplored  bhangargh Fort

If you are going to visit the fort I will recommend you to go to the top of the Fort because that experience will remember you for a lifetime.

There are some facts that make you explore these hidden tourist attractions in India.

Some Strange facts about Bhangarh fort

A- Roofless village

B-Strange Happenings

C-Supernatural Powers

D-The stay away notice from (ASI)

After all these, I would it’s worth going there you can witness the richness of Indian Religion and Structures

Experience these hidden tourist attractions and it will be a trip to remember for the lifetime.

Location: Gola ka bass, Rajgarh, Tehsil, Alwar, Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410

3.Ziro ( Arunachal Pradesh)

 Beautiiful Tourist attractions in  Ziro
beautiful tourist attractios and Rice Fields Of Ziro

Ziro Valley is known as the paradise of Arunachal Pradesh because of its eternal beauty and the richness of its culture.

It is one of the oldest towns in Arunachal Pradesh. It is 115 Km away from the capital of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ziro is home to The Apna Tani tribe which is said to be the oldest civilization in Arunachal Pradesh

and it is famous for its Pine Hills and Vast area covered by rice fields.

The climate in Ziro is moderate throughout the year you can come at any month to feel this wonderful experience.

Most of the people didn’t know about this beautiful place Ziro but those who know about the beauty of this place come from parts of the country and around the globe.

Ziro is a beautiful hill station and it is located 1500 meters above sea level.

most celeberated Music Festival of Ziro - Amazing tourist attractions

This Place is a true example of natural beauty tourists who comes from abroad will experience the real beauty of India.

This place consists of a Green lush forest area, rivulets, and elevated patches.

The meaning of Ziro is you are humanitarian, inclined to champion the underdog or to defend a cause where you feel there is an injustice.

It creates a versatile, clever, cunning, and analytical mindset.

There are three ways to reach Ziro :

  1. By Air: The nearest airport from Ziro is at Jorhat, Assam which is 98 km away. Another airport is at Lilabari, which is at a distance of 123 km from Ziro.
  2. By Rail: The railway stations from Ziro are at Naharalagun (100 km) and North Lakhimpur (117 km).
  3. By Road: There is a night bus from Guwahati to Ziro.

For music lovers or tourists there’s a music festival which is organized by the Locals.

The festival starts in the month of September, and it goes on 4 days with performances taking place from all day and night.

However, The best places to visit in Ziro are the Talley Valley Wildlife

Sanctuary, Napoli, Ziro Puto, Dolo Mando hillocks, and Meghna Cave Temple.

So you should also come and explore this beautiful place and make it famous around the globe.

Sandakphu, West Bengal

Beautiful Views of Mount Kanchenjunga a must visit toursit attractions
unexplored Villages in Sandhakphu Darjeeling

Sandakphu is located in Darjeeling at a heart-fluttering elevation of 3,636 meters,

And Sandakphu is the highest peak in West Bengal and its largely unexplored place.

Though the peak is notorious for its poisonous plants (Himalayan Cobra Lilies),

the breathtaking panoramic vistas of four of the highest peaks in the world from its summit make it a worthwhile destination.

You can reach the peak by trekking, starting from Manebhanjan and passing through dense forests and valleys.

The trek is challenging and requires a high level of fitness,

but once you reach the summit you will be rewarded with stunning views of Kanchenjunga, Everest, Makalu, and Lhotse.

There is a small hamlet on the hilltop with a few hostels,

so you can spend a day or two here and soak in the pristine natural beauty of the surroundings.

The trek around the Singalila Ridge to Sandakpu and Phalut is the most popular trek in the eastern Himalayas.

 tourist attraction in Sandhakphu Darjeeling

The Trekking routes consists of four legs such as

1 Manebhajan to Meghma is 2600 mt

2 Meghma to Gairibans is 2621 mt

3 Gairibans to Sandakphu is 3636 mt

4 Sandakphu to Phalut is 3600 mt

This is surely a trip to remember for a lifetime and you explore this hidden gem of India.

5. Shivanasamundram Falls, Karnataka -The guardian of waterfalls

Beautiful tourist attractions n Shivanasamundram Falls
Beautiful tourits attracions Beautiful Water Falls in Shivanasamundram Falls

Shivanasamundram is a town situated on the banks of the river Kaveri and it is known for its hydra power generation.

This town mainly known for its pristine waterfalls.

The two most popular waterfalls are Gagananchukki and Shivanasamudra waterfalls these two are the most beautiful waterfalls.

The best time to visit the Shivanasamudra waterfall is August to February

It is the most ideal time to watch the beauty of nature.

Shivanasamundram Waterfalls lies at a distance of around 137 km from Bangalore and about 72 km from Mysore.

You can either choose a rented Car ride or you can take a bus from the bus stand located in each of the cities.

Road trippers can take Bangalore -Mysore highway and reach Maddur

And from Maddur Bus station, take the left turn towards Malavalli.

Keep driving around 70 km from this point reach Shivanasamdra.

Shivanasamundram is a popular picnic spot situated in the Mandya District Karnataka. Shivanasamundra stands for Shiva Sea is a quaint island town situated on the River Cauvery.

Beautiful tourits attracions Beautiful Water Falls in tourits attractions in Shivanasamundram Falls

There are other places to visit for tourists like Talakad Temple, Shimsha Dam, Shimshapua Falls, Cauvery River, etc.

These are some other tourist attractions if you are going to visit Shivanasamundra Falls you can go there too.

This place is surely on your Bucket List this is experience is once in a lifetime experience

And is one of the unexplored legendry places in India.

Timings:8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka, India

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