Tiger nest monastery in Bhutan

Bhutan is called the happiest country in the world, and it is at the top of the happiness index of the world last year.

Bhutan is a country located in the eastern Himalayas of South Asia, it is bordered by Tibet Autonomous Region.

For Indians, the Bhutan government has declared no visa policy but they have imposed 2 conditions:

  • A valid Indian passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  • Valid Voter Id Card issued by the Election Commission of India

Bhutan has a population of 7.54 lakhs of people and the national language is Dzongkha.

Bhutan is also known as ”the land of the thunder dragon” and is one of the cleanest countries in the world.

People of Bhutan are welcoming nature and very polite in nature, and that’s why it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Visit Bhutan-The happiest country in the world

Bhutan island filled with beautiful landscapes, stunning monasteries, beautiful valleys, snow-clad mountains, and many more.

What is the best time to visit Bhutan?

The best time to visit Bhutan is in the month of spring and Autumn, March to May (Spring) and September to November (Autumn).

It is also known for its delicious traditional dishes, prepared by using exotic spices and herbs grown in Bhutan.

This country is a heaven for all the travelers, every year over 5 million tourists visit this place.

Most of the tourists’ influx from its neighboring countries Tibet and India.

And there are many reasons why it is called as the happiest country in the world.

The best places to visit in Bhutan


Beautiful landscapes of Paro- Bhutan

Paro is a resort town situated in the Paro valley of Bhutan, and it is one of the historic valleys of Bhutan.

It is home to as many as 155 temples and monasteries, some of the oldest temples are situated in Paro.

And also is home to the largest international airport of Bhutan known as Bhutan’s sole international airport.

From mesmerizing landscapes to beautiful natural resources with traditionally built houses as well as paddy fields.

Paro has Bhutan’s one of the most iconic monasteries including –The Tiger’s nest or the Taktsang.

Paro has some of the most challenging biking trails of the world which are bound to allure any biker who wants to scale the height on the wheels.

Here you can also do adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, rafting, Kayaking, and stargazing.

If you are planning a trip to Bhutan( the happiest country in the world) then you should visit Paro too.

It challenges the adventure side of you and leaves you speechless with its boundless beauty.

So, Paro is the must-visit place for all the adventure junkies and travelers.

Wangdue Phodrang

Visit beautiful town of Bhutan( the happiest country in the world)

Wangdue Phodrang is a small town which serves everything to its visitors from monasteries and temple to wildlife and rustic villages.

The reason why it is different from other regions is that it is very diverse in terms of subtropical forests in the south to cold.

In the north of Wangdue, it has its own national park with a large diversity of flora and fauna in it.

Here you encounter rare animals like Red Panda, Snow leopard, Blue sheep, black bear, and many more.

If you are a spiritual soul then you should visit its beautiful monasteries and historical temples of Bhutan.

A particularly attractive place you should visit here is Phojikha valley, which is one of the few glacier valleys in the country.

Every year thousands of tourists visit this place to experience the eternal beauty of Bhutan(the happiest country in the world) which lies in Wangdue Phodrang.


Mountain bridge in Bhutan(the happiest country in the world)

Jakar is known as the ”Little Switzerland” of Bhutan, and it is located at the most beautiful valley of Bumthang.

Bumthang consist of four major valleys- Tang, Ura, Choekhor, and Chumey.

Jakar is called the one-street town of Bhutan and it consists of stunning landscapes, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and many more.

It is surrounded by tree-lined mountain ranges, dotted with monasteries and Dzongs, it is a treat for our eyes.

The word Jakar means ‘White Bird‘ and is named after the foundation legend of the District Dzong.

Thousands of tourists visit Jakar every year to get lost in the beauty of this beautiful small town in Bhutan( the happiest country in the world).

Jakar is a place for all adventure junkies, adventure sports like trekking, paragliding, rafting and mountain biking are very famous here.

The weather is quite pleasant around the year but during winters strong wind makes this place too cold.

So, don’t forget to bring your jackets and sweaters during the Winters…..

What is the best time to visit Jakar?

The best time to visit Jakar is between the month of March-May or September-November.


Phuentsholing beautiful town in Bhutan( the happiest country in the world)

Phuentsholing is the second largest town in Bhutan, and it shares its boundaries with the Indian state of West Bengal.

Through my experience, I can easily say that it is more developed than the other towns of Bhutan.

Phuentsholing is known for its modern architecture, with the perfect amount of nature’s touch.

It is imperative that shopaholics visit this vibrant market and get enamored with the exquisite range of items and local fruits and vegetables sold here.

The kings and queen of this place want to make this place the cleanest town available in Bhutan( the happiest country in the world).

Famous for being a photographer’s delight and one of the most popular landmarks of Bhutan, the Bhutan Gate greets tourists with its impressive design.

What is the best time to visit Phuentsholing?

The best to visit Phentsholing between the month of April-June because the temperature is pleasant at this time of the year.

The Amo Chuu, which is the Crocodile breeding Centre, breeds almost extinct species like Ghariyals and alligators.

Phuentsholing serves you the best traditional and modern architecture of Bhutan with many beautiful monasteries and temples.

If you want some peaceful time you can visit Torsa riverside, and no vehicles are allowed at this place.

Peaceful and clean towns like Phuentsholing are the reason why Bhutan is considered as the happiest country in the world.


Visit Thimphu small town in Bhutan

Thimphu is declared as the most modernized town present in Bhutan with internet cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

It is situated in the western central part of Bhutan that’s why it is called the Heart of Bhutan.

Thimphu is filled with every single facility which requires in this modern world.

You will find the craziest nightlife here, most of his pubs and restaurants open till 2 A.M in the morning.

However, Thimphu still holds on to the Bhutanese Traditions as it houses various traditional architectural structures like Buddha Dordenma.

What is the best time to visit Thimphu?

The best to visit here is between the month of September-November or March-May.

You can reach here by an hour’s drive from Paro International Airport, or you can hire a local bus.

Several other attractions to visit in Thimphu the Clock Tower Square, the Motithang Takin Preserve, Tango and Chari Monasteries, Buddha Dordenma, and National Memorial Chorten.

The Motithang district of Thimphu also preserves the national animal of Bhutan-The Takin.

Thimphu is one of the best towns with all major facilities required in a modern world with a traditional and historic touch of Bhutan.

So, you must visit Bhutan the happiest country in the world, and enjoy one of the best times of your life.

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