Amazing tourist places in Kerala

Today, we are gonna talk about the best tourist places in Kerala, which makes your journey even more memorable.

Kerala is an Indian state situated in Southern Part of the country and is popularly known as ‘‘God’s Own Country”.

The phrase ”God’s Own Country” means a place or region supposedly favored by God.

This phrase has been adopted as the slogan by the tourism department of Kerala in the year 1980s.

Kerala is home to a vast network of brackish lagoons called backwaters, ayurvedic centers, and medicines.

Most of the ayurvedic medicines we take in today’s world are basically originated from Kerala.

It is also home to various wildlife sanctuaries, sprawling tea gardens, hill stations, palm tree-lined beaches, and colorful dance forms.

We have one of the best tourist places in Kerala to explore the eternal beauty of this place.

Stunning landscapes in Kerala

Top 5 tourist places in Kerala for every traveler in the world are:

  1. Munnar
  2. Cochin
  3. Allepey
  4. Wayanad
  5. Thiruvananthapuram

Hence, in my opinion, these are the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala is also named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler.

 Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters.

Many Bollywood movies are also shot in the mesmerizing beautiful locations of Kerala.

Such movies are Dil Se, Maine Pyaar Kia, Chennai Express, Baaghi, Guru and many more movies that have been shot there.

If you are a foodie like me you will love Kerala food too as their food revolves around the coconut, rice, tapioca, and spices like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger.

These are the main ingredients of every south Indian dish and without these every south Indian dish is incomplete.

Kerala’s famous food also features a variety of seafood like fish, prawns, mussels, lobsters, and crabs owing to the state’s long coastline.

Which is the best time to visit Kerala?

The best time to visit Kerala is between the month of September to February because the weather is pleasant at that time of the year.

Why Kerala is known as God’s Own Country?

According to Hindu Mythology, Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation Lord Vishnu throwing his ax across the sea to create a land for his devotees to live peacefully.
Hence, Kerala is God’s own creation, that’s why it is called God’s Own Country.

Which God is Worshipped in Kerala?

We all know India is a country with over 1.3 billion of God and Goddess. So it’s difficult to know the people of Kerala worshipped which God or Goddess the most.
But in most of the parts of Kerala, they worship Lord Vishnu and Guruvayur Temple is one of the most famous temples of Lord Vishnu.

Does Kerala have all the modern facilities?

Yes, Kerala is now one of the modern states in India and it will provide you all facilities which you are getting in urban cities.

Every year over 5 million tourists visit Kerala to witness the beauty of their culture, Religion, Hospitality, and kindness.

Many tourist places in Kerala are widely loved by the people outside the country.

Top places to visit in Kerala


Tourist places to visit in Kerala- Munnar

Munnar is a pretty little hill-station of Kerala, located at high altitudes of 1600 meters in the western ghats.

This hill-station is loved for its amazing tea gardens, beautiful lakes, stunning landscapes, natural resources, and many more.

Munnar is one of the tourist places in Kerala which has shot in multiple Bollywood movies.

Like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Chennai Express, Guru, Ashoka, and many more south Indian movies have been shot in the beautiful places of Munnar.

Munnar is aptly known ars the ‘Kashmir of South India’ because of such beautiful places.

For nature lovers, Eravikulam National Park, Salim Bird Sanctuary, and tea plantations are the major tourist attractions.

Mattupetty Dam, near Munnar in Idukki District, is a first storage concrete Gravity Dam built in Kerala.

Munnar is also is home to the Lakkam Waterfalls, hiking trails, and 2,695m-tall Anamudi Peak for epic views.

Such tourist places in Kerala makes this place one of the best places to visit for your holidays 2020.


Allepey  backwaters in Kerala

It is officially called Alappuzha, Alleppey is a beautiful south Indian state of Kerala.

Alleppey is popularly known for its stunning backwaters, beautiful beaches, and Lagoons.

It is also known for its Houseboat cruises that pass through the serene backwaters.

Here you can catch a glimpse of green paddy fields, choir making activities, and beautiful avifauna.

The local people of Alleppey are welcoming in nature they are very kind-hearted people, they helped me a lot during my journey to Alleppey.

Malabar Coast is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, here you can also get a snake boat for a better sea experience.

Punnamada Lake’s snake boat races are a well-known annual event in Alleppey.

Alappuzha is also known as the traditional business hub of Kerala and is also famous for its Historic Temples, monuments, and Churches.

Visit Alleppey in the month of October and February because the temperature is moderate (around 33C).

Alleppey is one of the tourist places in Kerala which makes your journey even more beautiful and thrilling.


tourist places to visit in Kerala-Wayanad

It is filled with waterfalls, historical caves, comfortable resorts, and homestays.

Wayanad houses the Chembra peak amid the beautiful valleys and adventurous trekking trails.

Wayanad spices and herbs are famous all over the world, and it exports spices to the various parts of the world.

If you are a nature lover you must visit Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary, filled lush green forest, and variety of flora & fauna.

You can easily witness animals like Asiatic Elephants, lions, leopards, tigers, egrets, and many more rare animals.

Wayanad is best known for rare and exotic wildlife reserves, it also home to many endangered species of birds.

Wayanad is also famous for its adventure sports such as trekking, mountain biking, rafting, and sightseeing.

Nilgiri biosphere peacefully located amidst the serene hills of Western ghats.

Which is the best time to visit Wayanad?

The best time to visit Wayanad is between the month of October- May.

This is a good time to enjoy the adventure sports, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, and other tourist attractions.

During the rainy season that lasts from June to September is a great time for nature lovers as Wayanad will cover itself with greenery.

It is one of the best tourist places in Kerala, a perfect holiday destination for you and your family.


Cochin-Tourist places in Kerala

Cochin is also known as Kochi in many parts of India, it is a beautiful city in Kerala with all modern facilities are available here.

It is called the financial and industrial capital of Kerala with a trading history that dates back to at least 600 years.

Cochin is a gaggle of islands interconnected by ferries, filled with upmarket stores, art galleries, and heritage monuments.

Kochi has some of the best sightseeing locations in Kerala, with stunning landscapes, waterfalls, natural resources, and many more.

The city also flaunts one of the finest natural harbors of the world and was the center of the world spice trade for many centuries.

Cochin has all the facilities which a modern world demands like pubs, restaurants, movie halls, shopping hub, and futuristic stores.

It is also famous for its traditional dance forms Kathakali and Kalarippayattu dance forms.

If you want to witness these epic dance performances then you should visit Cochin one of the best tourist places in Kerala.

You can experience waterways flowing across cochin lagoons and streams, there you can enjoy fishing and picnic.

Hence, Cochin serves one of the best places to visit in Kerala and it is also referred to as the Gateway to Kerala.


Amazing Beaches in kerala

Thiruvananthapuram is also known as the Trivandrum, it is the capital city of Kerala.

It is a real blend of a strongly rooted heritage and a nostalgic colonial legacy.

Thiruvananthapuram is also home to Kuthira Malika (or Puthen Malika) Palace, adorned with carved horses and displaying collections related to the Travancore royal family.

Earlier the city is only used for seafaring explorers but now it is filled with all urban facilities.

Here are the topmost places to visit in Thiruvanthananpuram is museums, sacred temples, beaches, and heritage museums.

All these things make Thiruvananthapuram one of the best tourist places in Kerala to visit.

Stunning landscapes, Thiruvananthapuram National park, waterfalls, backwaters, Houseboats make your journey even more memorable.

The Padmanabhaswamy temple is also one of the must-visit temples of India.

Which is the best time to visit Thiruvananthapuram?

The best time to visit Thiruvananthapuram is between October to February because the temperature is pleasant at that time of the year.

There is an 18-feet high idol of Lord Vishnu who is awe-inspiring and stunning.

Their traditional cuisines are worth drooling that includes seafood and local south Indian dishes.’

Their traditional dishes are prepared using their locally grown herbs and spices especially curry leaves, coconut, and green banana leaves.

Popular beaches like Hawa beach and the Shangumukham Beach are breathtaking in nature.

At the end of Lighthouse Beach, there’s a lighthouse where you can enjoy mesmerizing views.

The beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the backwaters of Poovar and Anchuthengu, and it’s Western Ghats tracts of Ponmudi and the Agastyamala.

Things to do in Kerala

Visit Tea gardens

Tourist places in Kerala-Tea gardens in Kerala

You can visit these mesmerizing Tea gardens in (Munnar) Little heaven of Kerala.

Kannan Devan Plantation Museum is one of the places in Kerala where you can witness these stunning Tea farms.

You can take part by helping the other farmers to collect tea leaves in their Teabags.

Here you can also try different varieties of Tea, and trust me this one of the most wonderful experiences I had in Kerala.

You can also hire a jeep to Suryanelli (25 km from Munnar) to visit the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate and a 100-year-old factory.

Every year thousands of tourists come here to witness these epic tea gardens in Kerala.

You can also try various types and flavors of tea and you can carry home your favorite one from the museum.

Visit the Jatayu earth center

tourist places in keerala- Jatayu earth center

You can visit Jatayu nature park situated in Kollam, it is a rock-themed park inaugurated on November 25, 2017.

It is one of the most fascinating things you will see in your lifetime, this place is globally recognized.

Jatayu nature park was built to promote mythology and adventure tourism in Kerala.

In case you don’t know why it is named after Jatayu, and this place is so hyped.

Jatayu is a mythological bird from the era of holy Ramayana, the bird got killed by Ravana while trying to save Sita maa from Ravana.

Jatayu earth center is the place the mythological was fell down and died in the arms of Lord Rama.

This tourism center also consists of 6D theatre, a digital audio-visual room, cable car, and ayurvedic cave resort.

Here you can also do adventure activities such as pinball, laser tag, archery, bouldering, rock climbing, air-rifle shooting, and many more.

But the primary tourist attraction is the world’s biggest bird sculpture of mythological bird from Ramayana Jatayu.

Jatayu sculpture (200 feet (61 m) long, 150 feet (46 m) broad, 70 feet (21 m) in height and has 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2) of floor area).

Jatayu nature park is one of the most amazing tourist places in Kerala, which also reflects the great history of India.

Witness the epic Athirapally Falls

amazing athirapally falls in Kerala

Athirapally falls are located at a distance of 65 km from the Thrissur district of Kerala.

It is a marvelous cascade of frothy waters that makes its way from the Anamudi mountains of the western ghats.

Athirapally falls are the largest waterfalls in Kerala, which stands tall at the height of 85 feet and 340 feet wide.

Many Bollywood and South Indian films have been shot there, it shows how beautiful this place is.

For bird lovers, you cannot miss this place because here you can witness the endangered Hornbill species of bird.

There is a small pool above the falls where you can relax and unwind, enjoy nature.

Here you can also enjoy the water theme parks on its way to Anthirapally falls.

Silver storm and Dreamworld are theme parks you can enjoy, and you can also spend a night in resorts as well.

Anthirappilly is one of the tourist places in Kerala you must visit, every year thousands of visitors also come here to experience the eternal beauty of this place.

Visit these tourist places in Kerala, to know why it is called God’s Own Country and experience the eternal beauty of Kerala,

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