Beautiful view of himalayas in Kasol

Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh. It is a tourist place and it is very famous among tourists for trekking.

Kasol has situated at the lush green Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh.

An unexplored destination that has iconic landscapes and pleasant weather, it offers a great summer escape.

There are also available cheap hotels and accommodations here this place attracts the young backpackers seeking adventures.

The village attracts tourists from all around the country and is becoming popular as a trekking destination with trails such as the Kheerganaga trek, Tosh Valley Trek, and Malana Village trek among several others.

Beautiful places in Kasol - Mini Israel in India

The best time to explore Kasol is up to you if you want to trek in the snow then November to December otherwise August to September.

 You can experience a plethora of flora and fauna during this season.

This pleasant climate makes it the ideal season for trekking in Kasol. 

Here are some famous tourist attractions in Kasol :

1. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek beautiful attractions in Kasol
Trekking at Kheerganga Trek in Kasol - hImachal pradesh

Kheerganga Trek lies at the end of Parvati valley. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kasol.

Kheerganga’s panoramic skies and vast greenery are a much-needed delight for all the people.

It gives you immense joy and relief from our day to day life.

Things to do

You can also find hot water springs here, and a small temple of Lord Shiva.

It makes an amazing or unusual experience for the trekkers to bath in hot springs when everything is covered with snow.

stunning tourist Places in Kasol

The total distance of Kheerganga Trek is 11km and the Trekking starts from the Bharsaini camp, and it will take 5-6 hrs walk.

Kheerganga is notoriously known for its marijuana cultivation and it has turned out to be well known with the Israelis.

This trek is an experience of a lot of things at once.

This trek offers you streaming wonderful Parvati valley, excellent Meadows, Forested ways with pine trees, a Couple of cascades, etc.

You will find most of the adventurer’s things in these tourist attractions you ought to visit here once in a lifetime.

2. Tosh

Beautiful  Tosh village of Kasol - Himachal pradesh
Beautiful tourist Places Tosh- Kasol

Tosh is a small village and it is located at an altitude of 2,400m (7,875 ft) in the Parvati valley near Kasol.

It is one of the Amazing and fascinating tourist attractions for all visitors.

Tosh considered the last Hippie village in Parvati valley. It offers you some breathtaking views of the Parvati Valley.

In winters you can also witness snowfall in Tosh.

So you can plan a trip in the month of January to March to play in Snow.

The architecture of the wooden houses, with simple designs and bright colors, also add lots of beauty to this hippie place.

Tosh has scattered villages across the lush green hills juxtaposed against snow-dusted peaks.

This destination is quite often thronged by tourists from other countries, and you can interact with them and experience their cuisines.

Snowfall in this beautiful tourist attraction
Beautiful sunrise at this tourist attractions

People also come here to practice yoga and meditation in this clean, fresh and peaceful environment.

One thing you will always find here is the distinct smell of Marijuana.

Regardless This place offers everything which you find in your local areas and metro cities.

That’s why it is considered to be one of the most loved tourist attractions in India.

3. Pin Parvati pass

Adventure activites at this beautiful tourist attractions Pin parvati pass
Camping at pin parvati pass , Kasol, Himachal pradesh

The Pin Parvati Pass is named after the pass link of the Parvati Valley of Kullu to Pin Valley in Spiti.

The Pin Paravati pass is a mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh it is located at a high altitude of 5,320 meters.

The journey starts from Kullu and ends in Manali taking 11 days adventurous trip. 

The Pin Parvati pass is a perfect destination for trekkers seeking challenging adventures.

It is one of the most fascinating Himalayan Trek everyone gets amazed by its beauty.

It serves an amazing trail of approx 112 km, an unending thrill.

The experienced trekkers Himalayan National Park is also a big challenge for them.

Snowfall at this beautiful tourist Place - Pin Parvati pass

Crossing the Parvati River and its various tributaries can be a bit excruciating and so does transversing the high altitude fissures.

Further continuing the trek to biggest pin valley in Himachal Mud.

The route to Mud is full of muddy areas and gives an outstanding vision while on foot to Kaza. 

However, No matter how many challenges it will give, the Parvati pass is a beautiful and exhilarating place for all the adventure junkies.

These are the most popular tourist attractions in Kasol.

4. Malana

Beautiful tourist attractions Malana Village
Beautiful tourist attractions - Malana village

Malana is located at 8,700 feet, on a narrow plateau, alongside the Parvati river in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh.

From Kasol Mlana is about 21 km. A jeep carries you over the first 18 km, and then you trek uphill.

It is known for its cultural and religious beliefs, it is a place meant for people who seek spirituality.

There’s one thing which made Malana very famous is Malana cream.

A product made from cannabis plants which grow in the Parvati valley. Malana cream is regarded as high purity hash

This place is also meant for adventure lovers as the route to Malana is famous for its trekking.

There are also many temples situated in Malana like The Jamandagni Temple and the shrine of Renuka Devi.

Serve as major tourist attractions of the village. It guides you to the spiritual phase of your life.

Beautiful places in Kasol- Himachal pradesh
Beauriful view at this tourist attractions Malana

The trekking route of the Malana is adorned with lush deodar Vegetation along with a slight view of the Malana Dam.

You should visit here Malana is one of the most unique and fascinating tourist attractions of all time.

Best to visit Malana

Summers are the best time to visit Malana as it is accessible during that time. May to August is the Best time to visit here.

How to reach there

The easiest and shortest way to reach Malana is from the village Jari connected to Kullu valley.

It is an easy and picturesque walk of six hours to Malana, which is only 12 km from here.

Beautiful waterfalls and the Malana Nallah stream are an incentive. The nearest airport is at Buntar, 13 km away from Jari.

5. Sar pass trek

Beautiful tourist place in Kasol- Sar Pass trek

Sar pass trek is located in Parvati valley, Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

It is one of the most unique and excavating tourist attractions to visit.

Starting from Kasol, Sar pass trek takes you through thick pine forests, beautiful alpine meadows, quaint villages, snow-covered mountains.

It takes you to one of the best journey of your life.

One of the days of the trek you will pass through the small frozen lake (Sar in the local dialect).

From their Sar pass gets its name, Sar pass is famous for this point.

The total trek distance is 48 km. Close to a height of 14000 ft, the view from the pass is that of the majestic mountains of Parvati valley. 

Sar pass trek is the most famous trails of the Shivalik trails of the mighty Himalayas.

It is one of the most amazing and fascinating tourist attractions in/or nearby Kasol.

The Sar pass is a beautiful city and it offers all kinds of accommodation.

It offers you from budget hotels to high-end places and lots of traditional delicacies and delicious food serving restaurants.

If you are looking for something thrilling yet easy, Sar Pass Trek is an ideal destination to begin your trek expedition.

How to Reach there:

You have to take Kiratpur railway station which is the nearest to Kasol.

It is situated about 215kms from the base camp.

Or you can hire a cab or taxi at the bus stand to reach there.

6. Manikaran Sahib

Inside this beautiful tourist attraction Manikaran sahib at Kasol
Langgar at Manikaran Sahib- Kasol

Manikaran Sahib is one of the most fascinating and religious tourist attractions in Kasol.

It is believed that it was visited by the first religious leaders of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

The Gurudwara at Manikaran Sahib is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Sikhism.

Many Hindus believe that Manu recreated human life in Manikaran after the flood, making it a sacred area for all the devotees.

This tourist place is well known for its amazing hot springs and its stunning landscape.

It has many beautiful temples and Gurudwara, there are temples of Hindu deities like Shri Rama, Krishna Ji, and Vishnu Ji.

There are three hot springs, it has religious and spiritual beliefs connected to it.

Hot springs at beautiful  Manikaran Sahib

One of the hot spring is inside the Gurudwara and the other two are being privatized by guesthouses.

Manikaran Sahib is one of the most visited tourist attractions in/nearby Kasol.

So if you are heading to Kasol then these tourist attractions should be on your Bucket list.

Location- Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Timings- Open 24 hours

7. Rasol

Beautiful tourist attraction Rasol village at Kasol

Rasol is a small village near the mystical Parvati valley of the Himalayas.

It is said to be a magical village and one of the most unique tourist attractions in Kasol.

You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this village because most of the people didn’t know about this place.

So it is one of the unexplored tourist attractions in the Himalayas to be explored.

Rasol is largely a disconnected village which is situated at approx 10,000 feet above the sea level.

Here you can enjoy the lush green valley and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayas.

A simple yet amazing trek from Kasol, spanning between two to fours hrs to reach the mystical village of Rasol.

Rasol is known for its agriculture, rural activities like domestication of animals and spinning of wool.

Rasol is also known for its beautiful lush greenery and as you enter you can find 75-100 wooden houses there.

It is one of the unseen and unexplored tourist attractions in Kasol.

You should visit here and experience their unique culture and traditional places which you can only find here.

There are many accommodation options in the form of guesthouses and hotels.

You can find their traditional delicacies and their food is prepared using locally grown vegetables and it is delightfully tasty.

How to reach Rasol

You can reach here by hiking from the town of Kasol. The hike takes around 3 to 4 hrs to reach there.

While hiking you can also visit the village Chalal which is around 20 minutes From Rasol.

8.Kheerganga Waterfall

Stunning tourist attractions - Kheerganga waterfalls

Kheerganga is a small village and amazing tourist attractions in Kasol in Himachal Pradesh.

The Kheerganga waterfalls is a small stream of cascading water from the rocky hills on the side, en route to Kheerganga.

The best time to visit Kheerganga is between April to June and September to November.

Here you can witness the beauty of nature it is filled with lush green forest and pine trees.

Realxing at stunning  - kheerganga valley

The Kheerganga waterfall will leave you mesmerized by its beauty and sheer calmness of nature.

Kheer Ganga’s name came due to the milky waters of the river flowing in all its vastness and its streams flowing into the Parvati valley.

These are one of the true beauty of nature and the most fascinating tourist attractions in Kasol.

9. Bhuntar Town

Beautiful tourist attractions in Kasol

If you want to travel some of the most fascinating offbeat tourist attractions, then this place is for you.

You have to drive 30km from Kasol on the narrow roads connecting to the Bhuntar town.

Bhuntar town is a laid back destination located in the Parvati valley, it is one of the most peaceful tourist attractions in Kasol.

As most of the people didn’t know about this hippie place.

The Bhuntar town is an ideal offbeat place for hiking and trekking, this place has the perfect setting for the adventure junkies.

Apart from adventure, this place is filled with natural and manmade exhibits.

Such as Bhagsu falls, Vishwesgwar Mahadev Temple, Mohan Nature Park, and Bijali Mahadev Mandir.

They all add beauty to this stunning tourist place.

Location: Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh

10. Pulga village

Pulga village stunning tourist attractions in Kasol
Apple Farms at pulga in Kasol

Pulga is a small village situated at a distance of 16km from Kasol.

It is one of the offbeat and unique tourist attractions present in Kasol.

Pulga is known for its amazing temples and gurudwara situated at Parvati Valley.

It attracts many foreign tourists here throughout the year.

Pulga is very popular among the backpackers for its happiness and it is also famous for its tea gardens of the Himalayan side.

Camping here under the clear starlit skies is a bliss that draws tourists to this lovely fairytale village of Kasol.

Apart from these you can visit gorgeous waterfalls, live in the quaint wooden houses and enjoying plucking in orchids.

So if you want to travel most offbeat and hippie tourist attractions than these places are meant to visit once in a lifetime.

Location: Pulga, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh 175105

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