Huanted places in India to visit

Today we are going to tell you about the Top 10 haunted places in India, that gives a chill to your spine.

We all know India is full of beautiful and mysterious places in it but some of them have darkest secrets.

Today we are going to unlock the mystery behind these haunted places in India.

This is the Top 10 Haunted Places in India. At number 10 we have the

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan.

I don’t get this, why is every deserted castle, fort or whatever always haunted? Now this fort has 2 stories.

The first is about a saint called Baba Balau Nath who lived within the fort area.

Emperor Madho Singh asked him if he could build a city nearby. Baba said yes of course but on one condition.

The shadow of the Emperor’s palace should never fall upon the fort, if it did then the city would crumble into ruins—and so it did.

The second story goes like this, its a love story, so imagine Kal Ho Na Ho but with less love and more tragedy.

Even though that movie was pretty bloody tragic anyway.

In this story, the Baba is a wizard and he falls in love with Ratnavati who’s Bhangarh’s princess.

He sees her buying perfume at the bazaar and replaces it with a love potion. But our heroine isn’t a dumbass.

She realizes what’s going on and throws the potion at a nearby boulder that rolls on top of Baba, killing him.

Before dying, Baba put a curse on the fort so that it would get fully destroyed. Talk about salty.

People say they hear screams coming from inside the fort and it’s forbidden to visit the fort after sunset.

Paranormal activity aside, they still promote it as a huge tourist destination.

At number 9 we have the

Fernhill Hotel in Ooty.

The hotel was shut down due to the repetitive hauntings that were taking place and scaring guests.

Choreographer Saroj Khan stayed there for a night with his team of backup dancers.

That night no one could fall asleep because they could hear strange noises from the floor above them.

Noises that sounded like furniture being moved here and there. One dancer called the reception straight away but there was no answer.

They then went to complain and the receptionist took them outside and showed them that there was no floor above them.

Fernhill Hotel’s story became really famous and Bipasha Basu’s film Raaz was filmed there too.

During the shoot, the recordist heard a girl quietly singing when no one was.

During another take, a photograph on the wall kept moving left & right before correcting itself on the wall. Never going there.

At number 8 we have

GP Block in Meerut.

The haunted house on GP Block has been abandoned for as long as locals in the area can remember.

People say that when anyone passes the house, there are dangerous-looking men sitting on the roof but they’re not real men, people believe they’re ghosts.

A lot of people reported this story and that they could see the men very clearly, having fun in their own world.

The most common ghost sightings are a group of men sitting around a table with a candlelight drinking some alcohol and chilling and the other is a lot of girls in red dresses coming in and out of the house.

I mean the ghosts are having fun, we should let them enjoy it. What’s our problem?

At number 7 we have the Bengal Swamps or rather the Aleya Ghost lights that are found there.

The Bengal Swamps

Everyone says that the lights that flash are actually the spirit of a fisherman.

One night the fisherman got lost on his way and died that night. A lot of people have seen these lights.

It’s said that whichever fisherman follows the lights usually gets lost and ends up dying, for those who don’t they go a bit crazy.

Locals found a lot of bodies in the water and near the water.

Sometimes the lights confuse the fishermen while sometimes they help them avoid future dangers, so it just really depends on what mood the dead fisherman is on that day.

Coming in at number 6 we have

The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota Rajasthan.

Now it’s become a heritage hotel but in the olden days, it was a palace. The palace’s owner was Major Charles Burton.

During the mutiny of 1857, his palace was seized by sepoys who were looting the place while the major and his two sons were locked in a room upstairs.

After a full 5 hours, the major surrendered but the 3 people had to die. People say that the Major’s ghost still wanders around the hotel.

Guards that work at the hotel say that sometimes they hear weird English voices.

The voice tells the guards to stop sleeping on duty or smoking and they say it even slaps them when they’re asleep.

At number 5 we have

The National Library located in Kolkata.

This is India’s biggest and most haunted place.

Belvedere House as it was known before, was gifted to Lord Warren Hastings.

Hastings said that his wife enjoyed two things, 1) books, 2) cleanliness aka OCD!

Guards say they hear footsteps when they’re on duty because she’s surely checking to make sure the books are in the right place.

When the librarians are on duty, they say they hear chairs being moved from here to there and books falling from their shelves.

While restoring the library, engineers stumbled upon a giant 1000 sq ft room on the ground floor with no entrance,

They scoured every inch of the place to find a crack or trap door or opening but came up with nothing.

This was quite common, Britishers used to capture their prisoners in underground chambers, so maybe if you think about it, this could be a death chamber.

It is one of the most haunted places in India you should definitely give it a visit to this place.

So either it’s haunted by a strict book lover or a bunch of tortured souls. Great. Either way, we’re dead.

At number 4 we have

The Kundanbagh Witches’ Lair in Hyderabad.

3 witches lived in this house, and I’m sure you guys probably guessed that from the name.

One night someone was trying to rob the house but the thief found the witches’ bodies.

He got super worried and ran to the police station straight away.

This I don’t get because how did he report what happened without having to explain what he was doing in the house, to begin with.

There’s something black in the daal.

In the autopsy report, it said that the 3 had been ‘expired’ for quite a few months before the break-in.

Which is strange considering the neighbors claimed to have seen candles being lit in the house at midnight and the mother and her 2 daughters walking on the balcony as recently as the day before the break-in.

Whatever black magic these guys are doing seems to be working well for them.

At number 3 we have

The Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad.

This was a huge studio in 1996. The film city had 2 hotels, 47 sound stages, a lot of detailed sets like railway stations, temples, and they even had a jungle setting.

It was built on the war grounds of Nizams so it’s said to be haunted by dead soldiers.

People have reported seeing the lights fixtures fall from the top of buildings frequently, and that the men that are in charge of these lights mysteriously get pushed off their ledges quite a bit.

A lot of girls reported hearing knocking on their bathroom doors, but everyone found this weird because the girls’ bedrooms were always locked.

They also heard clothes tearing, mirrors breaking and if the food was ever left in a room, it would be found scattered everywhere later on.

It is one of the most haunted places in India you should definitely give it a visit to this place.

That’s so eerie imagine shooting there I’d be terrified regardless of whether it was night or day.

At number 2 we have, we have

Putulbari – A haunted house full of dolls in Kolkata.

Cue the movie Chuckie. Putulbari got its name from the classical statues ornamenting the top of the house.

This house used to be a warehouse for spices, rice, silk, etc. and the rich owners of the house used to live on the top floor.

It’s said that they used to sexually exploit girls there and killed some of them.

People say that it’s those girls that haunt Putulbari in order to seek justice for what happened to them. I think that these girls are doing the right thing.

They don’t leave people alone and make them hate their lives. I’m with you girls.

During the night people can hear the clinking of anklets and bangles as well as shrill laughter.

I mean as creepy as it is, I definitely support the girls in their mission.

At our number 1 podium, we have

The Savoy Hotel in Uttarakhand.

It feels like this hotel was made to be haunted as weird as that sounds.

In 1911, a British spiritualist called Frances Garnett-Orme came to stay at the hotel to visit her friend Eva Mountstephen.

One night Eva came back to the hotel and found Frances dead in her hotel room, with the door closed.

The autopsy revealed that someone poisoned Frances with prussic acid. Eva has arrested for poisoning Frances but was found not guilty.

The weird part was that the doctor that was working on this case was poisoned a few months later by strychnine poison.

People say that they can hear Frances’s voice in the hallways. This case was so well known that Rudyard Kipling mentioned it to Arthur Conan Doyle.

Who then mentioned it to Agatha Christie who actually made a book about it called The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

A lot of Chinese whispers I know. I actually had a really good time researching these things because I feel like each case had such a strong foundation of being haunted!

It is one of the most haunted places in India you should definitely give it a visit to this place.

So which place would you guys go if given the choice, and you HAD TO? I’d probably choose the swamps cus all id have to do to stay safe would be to not go fishing, which I wasn’t planning on doing anyway.

Hope you guys enjoyed, see we do read the comments, you guys really requested this one and here it is!

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